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How Nutritional Profiling Systems Improve Nutritional Value of Products

Nutritional profiling is the process nutritionists use to rank foods according to their nutritional composition. They do this with an aim to improve the health of consumers of various products and to prevent diseases. Nutrient profiling will help you identify the levels of nutrients in various foods. You could tell whether a certain type of food has a high or low-fat content if it is rich in fiber or its levels of sugar or salt. 

Nutritional profiling can be used to get descriptions of the effects of consuming a certain food to a person's health. An authority such as The World Health Organization recommends various diet intakes. This authority recommends most companies to use the Nutritional Profiling System to improve the value of their products. The Nutritional Profiling System entails the following steps that ensure products are nutritious.

Role of a Product in the diet 

The Nutritional Profiling System (NPS) identifies the role of a certain food product in a consumer's diet. The system then classifies them as the main dish, starters or dessert. After this, the system identifies the main ingredients used in making the product and finally the process involved in making the product. Using this procedure, foods are classified into their various categories.

Nutrients to consume

The system uses guidelines provided by international authorities to find out which nutrients are good for consumers and those that they should limit. Consumers should avoid products that are rich in fat, those that have high sugar levels or salt as this is a risk to their health. They should take foods that are rich in proteins, vitamins and calcium.

Target Audience

The Nutritional Profiling System identifies the target audience for various food products. This is because the nutritional content differs in each food product. Children and adults have different nutrient needs.

What does a serving entail?

Each food product contributes to a balanced diet that a person needs to take. The system determines what a serving of a certain food product contains, and they formulate the product based on how much one consumes.

Assess the product

Nutritionists then assess the final products to determine if they are fit for consumption. However, if they are not satisfied with the products, they are reformulated so as to improve their value. The aspects of diet and health that nutritional profiling addresses, helps consumers understand the composition of various foods hence helping them to choose healthy foods.