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Top 3 Water Storage Tank Types Available for Your Irrigation System

Investing in a water storage tank for your irrigation system is a great way to store water for use in times of need. But what options are available out there for you? Continue reading on below to find out. 

1. Concrete water tanks

Concrete tanks are primarily used for underground storage of water. This makes them a great choice for farmers who want to hide their tank or make the most of the limited space on their farms. They're also revered for their excellent strength and durability, making them ideal for heavy-duty applications. And, they're the least expensive option in the market, as concrete is a readily available material.

These tanks also have a number of drawbacks. First, underground installation of concrete tanks may require significant excavation. This may make your tank installation costly. Second, there's the risk of lime from the concrete contaminating the water. This may make the water unsuitable for agricultural use. This problem can be prevented by installing a special resin lining inside the tank. But the entire tank will need a replacement when the lining wears out. This makes concrete tanks have a shorter lifespan than other options found in the market.

2. Steel water tanks

These tanks are the traditional alternatives to concrete tanks. They offer superior strength and durability over concrete tanks, yet they're so much lighter. The lightweight design of steel tanks lends itself to aboveground installation. The major limitation of steel tanks is rust and corrosion that tends to create holes in the tanks and compromise the structural integrity of the tanks over time. Though the rust and corrosion can be controlled, it can't be reversed.

3. Polyethylene water tanks

Out of the three types of tanks discussed, these are the newest in the market. They're quickly growing in popularity because they overcome the weaknesses of traditional concrete and steel tanks. Unlike concrete, they don't allow lime to leach into the tank and contaminate the water, and unlike steel, they don't corrode or catch rust. This makes them require minimal maintenance attention. If properly installed and used, they can outlast conventional concrete and steel tanks.  

Ultimately, the distinct benefits of poly tanks over concrete and steel tanks may make your choice an easy one. But if you're still undecided about which type of water storage tank suits your irrigation needs, you can let your tank irrigation system supplies service know what your particular needs are. They'll help you choose a product that matches your exact requirements.